Are distractions getting you off track? Time is and always will be your most valuable resource.  If your goal is productivity, time wasters and distractions are your biggest enemy.

Here are 5 ways to get more done by banishing the time wasters and distractions in your life:


Make a List

Use paper or go digital – it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you take the time to empty your brain and get your to-do list down in black and white. Just seeing it all on paper (or a screen) will help you focus on the important things, which will in turn help keep you from getting sidetracked by time wasters and distractions. Also,

Stop Multitasking

The evidence is in, multitasking actually makes you less productive, not more. Instead of trying to juggle several tasks at once, try focusing on one thing at a time until that job is done. Multitasking in and of itself is a distraction. While it might make you feel better, is really a time waster. As you’re making room for better focus, remember to

Mute Those Notifications

Everyday we are bombarded with  badges and dings vying for our attention. If you’re receiving notifications for things that aren’t urgent or important, check the settings and turn those notifications off. For things where you’ll need to check in eventually, try muting notifications or setting up windows of time where the “do not disturb” function turns on automatically. While you’re filtering out distractions and time wasters, don’t forget to

Ignore Your Email

Email is one of the worst distractions in any business day, and while you can’t ignore it forever, you can set things in place so you’re not a slave to your inbox. Set specific times in your day (for example, right away in the morning, and then before your afternoon meetings), to focus on your email inbox. If the sheer amount of emails you receive is overwhelming, consider hiring a virtual assistant (like our team here at Upscale Ally) to manage your inbox so you can use your time efficiently. Last but not least, even on the most distracting days

Just Do the Next Thing

Distractions are a part of life. Unfortunately, time wasters are too. That’s why making a list is so important. Having a visual reminder of what needs to get done is essential to getting back on track, and avoiding that downward spiral of distraction that can ruin your whole day. If you find yourself off track, just do the next thing. Soon you’ll be getting more done than ever before.

At UpscaleAlly we help busy professionals become more productive – with less stress, less overwhelm, and more time to do the things that really matter. Whether you’re a solopreneur looking to affordably scale your business or an executive wanting to double your efficiency, without doubling your workload, we’re here for you. Click here to see how our team can change the way you do business for the better.