Karin Carroll

CEO & co-founder

Karin Carroll was born in South Africa and immigrated to the United States with her husband, Shannon Carroll, in early 2004.  The process to becoming a resident and eventually citizen the legal (long, arduous, expensive) way was worth it!

With a background in marketing and design, Karin obtained her real estate license and joined one of the best real estate teams in the region. As the team grew, Karin helped the team scale their operation with technology and marketing.   This caught the attention of a national coaching organization that were coaching her then team leaders and offered her the opportunity to make a bigger dent in the world.

Along the way her need for leverage became very apparent and with her husband’s help, and that of a wonderful fellow entrepreneur, she was aquainted with her very own ally that would begin the process of scaling up alongside her.

Since 2014 Karin has been working with remote workers, otherwise known as virtual assistants, in various capacities, most notably growing a team of reliable, discreet and knowledgable experts centered on fulfillment for small business owners seeking to exponentially grow their business.

Upscale Ally was formalized in 2017 as its own entity, bringing with it all the positive attributes, and a keen vision for doing exactly as the company name suggests… being an ally, here to help you scale up!


verb: upscale;    əpˈskāl/
Increase the size or scale of  OR  Raise the standard or quality of.

ally;    ˈalī/
A person or organization that cooperates with or helps another in a particular activity.