Thinking about hiring a virtual assistant? With the whole world’s dependence on connectivity, virtually anyone can work virtually anywhere. If you’ve never considered outsourcing some of your “in-office” work, you really should. If you’ve ever wondered why someone would hire a virtual assistant, rather than someone in house, consider this:

Here are 6 great reasons to hire a virtual assistant instead of in-office staff:


1. Easy Recruiting

When you are no longer geographically bound to the candidates that share your ZIP code – or maybe your area code – your field of possibilities expands dramatically. There are a number of online services that will help you identify, contact, hire and pay a virtual assistant as a one-shop-stop service. Having this short list of candidates presented to you saves you the effort of going through the “normal” screening process that you might need to follow if using a classified ad or online employment listing.

2. Language Competency

Since English is spoken in many countries around the world, you can easily find an assistant that you’ll be able to communicate with clearly. In fact, the majority of citizens in countries such as the Philippines speak English fluently,  so drawing talent from there has proven to be easy and profitable.

3. Low Overhead

Because you are not providing the office space, the furniture, the equipment, the service connections and the communication framework, your overhead is kept low. Unless there is a need for specialized tools and technology, your virtual assistant will be self sufficient and ready to go from Day 1. There are also no medical or dental benefits required, and taxes are the responsibility of the individual not the business.

4. Low Cost

Very often, VA candidates are from areas where the cost of living is lower than the location of your business. This enables you to get more done for less. Particularly in other countries, where the American minimum wage is considered a very good income comparatively.

5. Quick turn around

Whether you are starting with a new assistant, replacing an assistant, or adding additional members to your virtual team as your business scales, the time to get them up and running is normally very short. To aid in this turn around time, be very clear on the roles and responsibilities required, and document all the training with videos and/or clearly written policy documents right away.

6. You set the pace

If you only need one hour of work per day, you’ll likely do much better with a virtual assistant than an in-office staff. Unlike local employees who would have to get in a car, or catch a ride to their “other” job, virtual assistants clock off, go right to their next contract and keep going. As your needs increase you can negotiate additional time, and your virtual assistant – especially when treated and trained well – will welcome your offer, and more than likely deepen both their commitment and benefit to you.

  • Have you ever considered hiring a virtual assistant? What (if anything) is holding you back?

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